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Let Your Coat be Neat and Clean and Warm You



One of the most common types of outerwear is a coat. It's hard to find a woman who doesn’t have a coat. Men often wear it, as well. Therefore, the question how to clean the coat at home is very popular. Some coats are washable, but before you start the process, carefully examine the label. If the material shrinks, then you shouldn’t wash it. You can apply only dry cleaning at home or at the cleaner’s.

How to clean a thick woolen coat

An overcoating cloth is a heavy woolen fabric of particular density. Thick woolen cloth has high thermal insulation properties and is in demand among buyers. If you have bought a thick woolen coat and you want to know how to clean it, then first pay attention to the label, which indicates whether it can be washed (how, at what temperature), dry cleaned, ironed, and more.

If there are no specific recommendations on the label you can use the following tips.

  1. Clean the overcoat at least twice a year, before the season and after it.
  2. If possible, do without washing. For example, if you do not see any stains, then it is enough to clean it with a dry brush along the pile but not against it. Then repeat the procedure, only with a wet sponge or brush. After cleaning, hang the clothing in a well-ventilated room to let it dry completely.
  3. To clean the coat of dust, you can use another interesting method. Put the coat on the floor and crumble a little rye bread. Rub the crumbs over the coat to form balls. Then remove the remnants of bread with a brush.
  4. If there are stains on your outer clothing, you can try to remove them without washing. Prepare a soap solution with a powder or liquid detergent. Wet the stains with the resulting solution. Several minutes later, wipe with a damp, clean cloth to remove the soap particles and leave the coat to dry.
  5. Sometimes a thick woolen coat is washable, but only by hand or on the delicate cycle in the machine. Wash the coat at a temperature not more than 40 degrees; otherwise the clothing can shrink and lose its shape. In addition, it is important to properly dry the coat after washing. Put it on a hanger and hang out in a place with a good air circulation. The steamer will significantly accelerate the drying process. However, it is important that the iron temperature is less than 200 degrees, and it is not in contact with the clothing.

How to clean a cashmere coat

Cashmere is a fluff of mountain goats. It is pleasant to the touch and very warm, so a cashmere coat is very beautiful and warming in the winter cold. Cashmere is sensitive to external negative factors, so you need to handle it very carefully.

Cashmere requires special cleaning methods, which depends on the measure of contamination. Here are some tips how to make the best of it.

  1. First, examine the label to see whether it is possible to wash or iron the clothing.
  2. If not necessary, it is enough to clean the coat of basic contaminants such as dust, pit stains, and others. Do not think that cleaning coat means its washing. Some types of cloth are not washable at all.
  3. When washing is really needed and the manufacturer allows it (as stated on the label), remember several important things. Wash on a delicate cycle. The water temperature should be no more than 30-40 degrees. Instead of powder, use a liquid detergent. And most importantly: you shouldn’t wring your cashmere coat in the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a wash cycle that meets all the above requirements.
  4. Wring the coat by hands without twisting. Then put the coat on the terry sheets to absorb the remaining moisture. Do not dry the clothing in an upright position, give the clothing the right shape to avoid folding, and finally let it dry in a horizontal position.
  5. If there are stains on cashmere coat, you can try to remove them without washing. For grease stains, use refined petrol. Impregnate the stain, and then sprinkle it with talcum powder. When everything is dry, remove the talc with a brush. Sometimes, it is necessary to repeat the procedure.
  6. Wipe the sweat stains with a cotton pad soaked with soapy water. Then soak another pad in ammonia and wipe the cloth again. To get rid of the stains of different origin, you can use glycerin mixed with ammonia in equal proportions. Apply the several times, and then rinse with water and blot with a dry cloth.

How to clean wool coat

Wool products are highly valued because they are natural. Unfortunately, they often lose their color, so you should treat them very carefully. 

Before cleaning your wool coat, test the detergent on a small hidden area to see how the material reacts.

When cleaning your wool coat, use the following guidelines.

  1. To refresh the coat and give it a shine, wipe it with a cotton pad soaked in a black tea brew. This method is only suitable for dark clothing.
  2. To remove the grease spot, rub the inner side of the coat with aviation gasoline. Thereat, put a white cloth (folded several times) on the outer side of. When the stain disappears, wipe the treated area with a damp cloth.
  3. Contamination of various origins can be easily removed with a solution made of a tsp of a liquid soap, a tsp of ammonia, and 100 ml of water. It is prepared, based on 100 ml of warm water in a teaspoon of liquid detergent and ammonia. Treat the stains with a cotton pad impregnated with a solution. And then, clean the coat with a damp cotton pad.
  4. Woolen things often attract hair, wool and so on. Therefore, get a special roller with tape to clean the wool coat. This will help to prevent more serious cleaning.
  5. To get rid of alcohol stains, make a mixture of vinegar and alcohol taken in equal proportions. Wipe the contaminated area with a cotton pad soaked in the solution. Clean in the direction of the edge of the spot to its center, thus you can avoid new stains on the coat.
  6. If the label says that the coat is washable, then you should do it in warm water (40 degrees) with the addition of a liquid detergent. Dry the coat vertically on a hanger, having wrapped it in a cotton cloth to absorb moisture.
  7. Collar, areas near the pockets and folds on the sleeves can be treated with a slurry of salt and ammonia prepared in a ratio of 4: 1. Rub the dirty places, and then remove salt with a brush.

How to clean leather coat

Leather is quite a universal material. It is durable, easy to wear and difficult to be contaminated. However, like any clothes, it requires care, and with proper care, you can increase their life.

  1. Rub the shabby place with a “white cream” that can be made at home. Melt 9 grams of beeswax, add 1.5 grams of carbonate potassium and 16 ml of turpentine constantly stirring the mixture. Heat it up to 70 above Celsius, still stirring, add 40 ml of water. Quickly cool the resulting paste and store it in a sealed glass container.
  2. The tannins that are used in the leather industry and give the leather strength can be washed off when you walk in the rain. Do not forget to take an umbrella. However, if the coat gets wet, dry it with paper or cloth and soak the dark skin with a glycerin, paraffin or castor oil.
  3. Do not clean the leather with a clean (no additives) gasoline.
  4. To make your leather clothing look fresh again, wipe it with beaten egg whites.
  5. From time to time, wipe the leather with a cloth soaked in glycerin. Or, you can wipe the leather with fresh orange peel as it contains many essential oils that restore the shine.
  6. Very soft and thin leather can be cleaned with a mixture of equal parts of turpentine and milk. Then wipe it with a “white cream”.

General tips for stain removal

Some spots are difficult to get rid of and they remain even after washing. However, there are traditional methods that help to remove stains. Here are a few rules of cleaning.

  • clean the stains from the edges to the center;
  • to remove stubborn stains, it is necessary to rip the coat lining and put a piece of fabric under it that will absorb the stain remover and dirt;
  • you should treat most stains from the inside;
  • the grease is removed with pure gasoline or a mixture of water, ammonia and a liquid soap;
  • to clean dirty collar, you can use a mixture of salt and ammonia (4: 1);
  • coffee stains are removed with a mixture of glycerin and ammonia (2: 1);
  • fresh stains from fat can be removed with powdered talc or starch.

Now, you know how to clean the coat of wool, cashmere, or leather without going to the dry cleaner’s.

Author: Anna Wallace