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Always Healthy Always Clean With Proper Iodine Stain Removal

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  1. Popular ways of iodine stains removal
  2. General tips on removing iodine stains from clothes

Iodine leaves dark brown spots when gets on your clothing. Unfortunately, such contamination is difficult to get rid of. However, do not hurry to throw away your favorite skirt or dress. Try to remove the iodine stain using the available tools.

Popular ways of iodine stains removal

So, if the spot is fresh, you should try to clean it with raw potatoes. Cut the raw potato in half and rub the dirt area.

NOTE! Do not worry if immediately after contact with the potato juice, the iodine stain may turn blue. It is the result of the reaction of potato starch with iodine.

Then, you should wash your clothing in a soapy water and if the contamination has not disappeared rub it with raw potato juice and again wash in a warm soapy water once again.

Soda and vinegar

To solve the problem, sprinkle the contaminated area with baking soda, then treat with a little vinegar and leave for 8-10 hours. After this time, thoroughly rinse the stained area and wash the clothing with laundry detergent. If the spot has not disappeared completely and there are still traces of iodine, you need to repeat the procedure until the complete elimination of the dirt. This happens if the stain has dried up, and the fabric completely absorbs particles of iodine.

Sodium thiosulfate

This is a wonderful tool to help you easily remove traces of iodine. However, before applying it, you should test it on a small hidden area. You can buy the agent at a photo studio. Just apply it to a small part of the clothing and wait for about five minutes. If within this time, the color of the material will not be changed, then you can safely start the procedure. Carefully apply sodium thiosulfate to the dirt area, wait for the disappearance of the contamination, rinse the clothing with clean water and wash with a detergent.


Fresh stains from iodine can be removed by using starch. To do this, soak the contaminated area with cool water and rub with a lump of starch. Repeat until the stain disappears. Do not worry when, during this procedure the problem area will be dark blue. If the dirt is not completely removed, the procedure must be repeated for as long as the dirt does not disappear. Then, wash the clothing as usual using a detergent.

Denatured alcohol

This method can be used if the iodine has been spilled on colored fabrics. Dip the cotton swab into a container with methylated spirits, carefully treat the stain and leave for ten minutes. After this time, wash the clothes in soapy water and rinse it.


Dissolve a tablespoon of ammonia spirits in water (one glass), soak a clean piece of cloth or sponge in the resulting solution and treat the spot. To be effective, clean from the edges to the center. Thereafter, rinse the clothing. If the stain is very large, you may have to repeat the procedure.

If there is no ammonia, it is possible to replace it with medical alcohol, which will have the same effect and is great to deal with contamination.

Treat the contamination until it is completely gone; periodically rinse the clothing with cool running water.


Acetone will easily handle with old and dried stains from iodine. Soak the sponge in acetone and carefully treat the dirt area. After that, leave the clothing for a while allowing the acetone to cope with iodine due to the chemical reaction. Then, rinse the clothing with warm water and wash using detergent. If the stain is not gone you can repeat the procedure. Before using acetone, make sure that it does not damage the fabric and does not change its color. To do this, apply a little acetone on a small hidden part of the fabric and leave it for a while. If the cloth keeps its original condition, you can safely handle acetone to get rid of the iodine spots.


Soak the clothing with fresh contamination in milk for 10–15 minutes, and then try to wash off the remnants of soap. Has something remained? Then wash it again in the machine adding a little stain remover.

If you want to get rid of the iodine traces with a stain remover, do not forget to turn the clothes inside out, and only then proceed with washing. Apply the stain remover first around the polluted site. Then gradually move to the middle of the spot. Thus, you prevent the formation of streaks. Always use a clean cotton swab or a sponge.

General tips on removing iodine stains from clothes

  1. Treat the spot from the wrong side of the clothes.
  2. Always try to test the impact of the agent on a small hidden area, near the joint or on the wrong side.
  3. Do not use solutions of high concentration. First, wipe the problem area with a weak solution gradually increasing its concentration. Alternate chemical treatment with rinsing with clean water.
  4. To make it easier to handle the contaminated area, stretch the fabric on a glass or cup.
  5. Carefully use a stain remover as it thins the fibers of the fabric and contributes to their rapid wear and tear.
  6. If you cannot remove the iodine from white fabric, put it under the sun where iodine quickly gets discolored under ultraviolet light.

Now, you know how to remove the iodine spot from your clothing.

NOTE! Do not put away for later removing stains, especially from iodine.

Otherwise, you risk never returning your clothing in its beautiful state. In addition, in order never to deal with this problem, we recommend buying iodine pencil. It’s very easy to use and very difficult to get dirty.

Author: Anna Wallace