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Warm Winter With Clean Parka And Tips for Its Washing in the Machine



Once, parka was thought to be only men’s outerwear. However, in the course of time, it moved to the unisex category. Parka is a long, straight-cut jacket, often covering the upper part of the thigh, lined or not, with patch pockets and usually with a hood.

Some people believe that modern parka comes from warm winter outerwear invented by the Eskimos. In any case, it has the same idea, the same length, and even a hood. The lining of the Eskimo attire was a man-made and carefully quilted insulation and the sleeves and hood were decorated with fur trim.

Today, the parka is made from a variety of tissues, with insulation for the winter, with a thin lining or without it, for spring and autumn. Lately, the jackets have changed a lot – they are shorter and lighter. You will not find an orange lining on modern parkas. However, the main thing remained unchanged; they are still warm and sensible.

The Choice of Celebrities

In 2010-2011, parka has become popular in the fashion world again. Designers have completely forgotten that recently they considered these jackets unworthy of their attention and have made the clothing the part of the most presentable autumn-winter collection. Among famous fans of parka, you can find the footballer David Beckham or Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage, and many others.

Parkas are very popular all over the world. They are especially popular with tourists, as warm, very comfortable outerwear that is an excellent protection from wind and frost. 

There can be different insulation in the parka, from traditional down to modern synthetic fillers. Parkas are made of cotton or synthetic fabrics. However, it doesn’t influence much to care and cleaning methods.

Before Washing

Before you put your jacket into the washing machine, carefully examine the information on the label. The images depicted will help you to choose the method and cycle of the washing.

Triangle symbol with two strikethrough lines tells you that the clothing is not washable at all. In this case, you should choose the manual method of washing. Sometimes it can be prohibited to wash parka at all. Then you have to take it to the dry cleaners or use manual methods of dry cleaning.

However, if the labels on the clothing do not prohibit machine washing, you should do some preparations.

  1. Carefully check all pockets. Make sure that there are no documents, money, or keys. Remove all unnecessary things.
  2. Button up your parka, zip up and turn inside out. This will protect the drum machine from scratches and the jacket from damage.
  3. Before cleaning any of winter type parkas, you should detach furry. Water should not go to the fur.


The very process of washing can also be divided into several steps.

  1. In order not to spoil the down jacket, it is better to wash it in a front-loading automatic machine. Prepare tennis balls in order to put them in the drum. While washing, they will not let the fluff felt.
  2. For the first time, use a delicate cycle without wringing. While wringing (manually) your parka, pay attention what kind of water flows from it. If it is dirty, the process must be repeated. If the water is clear, you can proceed to the next step.
  3. Now, you can wash the jacket at a water temperature less than 30 degrees. In addition, you’d better use a special liquid for fur instead of usual laundry detergent. It must be diluted with water in a ratio of 2: 3.
  4. If the clothing is white or of any light color, you can add bleaching agents. But do not use aggressive bleach as it can damage the fabric.
  5. Parka with natural fur can be washed in the machine but only on the delicate cycle.

Sometimes, it is necessary to put an extra rinse mode to get rid of all water and detergent traces.


This process also requires a special approach.

  1. First, you should stretch your parka on a flat surface and blot with a wet towel to get rid of excess moisture.
  2. The jacket can be dried in an electric dryer. You only need to remember that every ten minutes the parka needs a good shake. Do this in order to avoid felting of the down inside.
  3. You can also dry up this outerwear near other heat sources. Periodically shake the parka to let the fur dry evenly.
  4. Cotton parka dries for a long time – it’s a feature of many natural materials. You should iron your parka with a steam iron, trying not to over dry it. If the cotton fabric has been overdried, it will be quite difficult to smooth it out. Still, jackets of cotton are very hardwearing. With proper care, they will serve you more than a single season.

The Main Points

Some useful tips in conclusion.

  1. Be sure to carefully examine the symbols on the label of your parka before any processing.
  2. Do not dry this outer garment on hangers. It can easily be stretched by its own weight.
  3. Do not wash it with hot water, otherwise it can shrink for a few sizes.
  4. Remember! The main difficulty is how to wash the down parka as fluff gets felted under the influence of water. It is necessary to constantly beat it, first in the drum using tennis balls, and then manually when drying.

With proper care, your parka will serve you for a long time. And it's worth the effort that you will take to properly clean it.

Author: Anna Wallace