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You can find many ways to clean your iDevice screen. However, not everyone knows how doing it without damaging the oleophobic coating, which makes the screen less prone to minor scratches. What is better: a simple piece of cloth, a corner of a handkerchief or a shirt, or other cleaning solution? How to prolong the resistance of your iPhone to scratches and fingerprints keeping the screen clean and shiny? Here, you’ll find the answers.

How to clean your iPhone screen

Is the device protected with an oleophobic coating? Then, do not use any liquid detergents because they destroy this protective layer.

Before cleaning your iPhone, unplug all cables and turn it off.
  1. The best way to scrub the fingerprints is to use a microfiber cloth or fabric that will not scratch the screen. A little soft, lint-free cloth often goes with the device. This cloth is used for the gentle care of an iPhone surface. Gently wipe the screen moving from top to bottom to remove the fingerprints.
  2. If you spilled something sticky that is not removed just with a cloth, you can lightly wet the corner of the cloth and gently remove the dirt. Do not sprinkle or pour water on the screen as thus you will damage the protective oleophobic layer. Make sure that the liquid do not hit the headphone, speakers, and not accidentally got under the button Home, which happens quite often. After the wet cleaning, wipe dry your device.
  3. If there are contaminants, such as ink, paint, food, oil, or makeup, then immediately clean the device.
  4. Oleophobic coating tends to wear off over time, so after a year and a half, your fingerprints will be removed with great difficulty. Therefore, when cleaning the iPhone screen, use non-abrasive material, i.e. not containing alcohol, ammonia or bleach particles, and avoid ordinary household cleaning products. Even natural substances such as vinegar and lemon juice are too corrosive to your iPhone.

It is better to let your device have a professional cleaning. If there are stains that you cannot easily remove, refer to the warranty and find out whether it is possible to have your gadget be cleaned or repaired.

How to prolong the life of the iPhone screen

With proper handling of the device, you will not have to contact the service center within a few months after purchase. Moreover, the rules are very simple. The most suffering part of the touchscreen device is certainly its screen. And though, the cover is made of high-strength materials, it is still not difficult to damage them. So, it requires maximum care. There are a few rules that are simply to follow:

Do not keep the device along with paper clips, a bunch of coins, and other things that can cause scratches. 

Or at least buy a protective cover.

  • Do not let the dust, water, and other substances that can damage the screen hit your phone.
  • Do not expose the screen to abrasive alcohol-based cleaners, solvents and other household chemicals.
  • Clean the screen with a soft microfiber cloth. Using a fabric with hard bristles can cause scratches.

If you care was not enough and the screen has suffered, then contact the service and there, you will solve your problem.

Caring for the iPhone case

To clean the case, use special wipes, spray or plain water. Exclude alcohol-containing liquids. If there are interchangeable panels, they simply need to be removed and cleaned separately.

If the panels cannot be removed, it is possible to clean this way only with caution. Clean the case lightly with lightly moistened cotton or special towels. You can use the wipes for PC monitors.

If you use a cleaning spray, take a soft cloth to wipe and polish the phone.

How to remove scratches

You will need a fine sandpaper or toothpaste. However, be careful – there is always a risk. You can damage the protective covering.

Use the following cleaning methods at your own risk!

Method 1: Toothpaste

It sounds crazy, but the toothpaste is a mild abrasive polish that helps to get rid of small scratches on the iPhone.

  1. Squeeze a drop of toothpaste on the case.
  2. Using a soft cloth, polish the phone in circular movements.
  3. Leave the toothpaste for a minute or two and dry it.
  4. Remove the pasta with soap or a mild detergent.

You will remove minor scratches without much effort from the iPhone with this method that is often used to remove scratches from a DVD- or CD-ROMs, as well.

Using this method, make sure that the toothpaste does not hit the slots or holes of the iPhone! 

Rough use of this method may cause activation of a liquid indicator and lead to a denial of the warranty repair.

Method 2: Sandpaper

You can get rid of small scratches on the case using fine sandpaper. The effect will be the same as using toothpaste, but you have to choose the right grit size of the paper. Based on the various recommendations in the network, a suitable size is 1200. The removal of small scratches takes about half an hour or more.

You should not make a lot of efforts! Remember that you need to polish the scratches on the surface of the device. If you remove the protective covering, you will have to resort to a third, more intensive method.

Method 3: Deep scratches removal

If you decide to completely clean the body of your device from scratches, including the deepest ones, you can use a wet sanding and completely polish the device restoring its original luster. It's not the fastest or easiest way, and you should use it only if strongly necessary. After using this method, you will have to say goodbye to Apple logo and the text on the back of your iPhone. In addition, it is too complicated.

Remember that any unprofessional interference into the phone can cause serious damage!

Author: Anna Wallace