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Make the Smallest Room the Cleanest! Top 10 Tips on Bathroom Cleaning



What is usually one of the smallest rooms in your apartment? It is usually a bathroom, but it requires more cleaning hassle than with other rooms. Bathroom needs absolute cleanliness, otherwise, a variety of disease-causing microbes affects the health of all your family members.

The main thing is a clear plan!

When there is no strict order of activities, we often skip from one thing to another, and the result is a careless piece of work. Do you want to spend hours not having rest but cleaning bathroom? Then you need to think over a specific procedure that will not allow you to be distracted by trivia.

First step

You need to remove the many jars, bottles and boxes, which are located on the open shelves and can bother you during cleaning. Moreover, it is necessary to move towels and bathrobes temporarily to another room.

Second step

This step is quite a painstaking one. You should wash walls and plumbing. It is better to apply special tools to clean them but if there is none at hand usual soap solution will cope with the task. Apply the detergent (store-bought or a homemade one) on the surface of the bathtub and leave it for a while. Using a sponge or soft brush, scrub the remains of the lime deposits, rust or any other dirt. And then, you just need to wash off the detergent residue with plenty of water.

Third step

The last step includes mirrors and shelves wiping and floor washing. Now, you should return bottles and jars to their places, as well as towels and bathrobes.

At first glance, it seems very easy. But if you do not know some useful tips and tricks the cleaning can take a lot of time and effort and the result is still not the best.


Bathroom cleaning checklist: 10 tips and recipes

  1. To keep the tiles on the walls always clean, prepare a mixture of a cup of vinegar and one l of water and wipe the tiles with the resulted solution. And then, rub the joints with a chalk diluted in water to a density of a sour cream.

    Ceramic tiles can be cleaned with warm water, chalk, and soda, as well. To make the joints between tiles white, you can wipe them with a cloth with chalk, and then with a dry cloth. The chalk will paint over the gray spots.

    Vacuum the ceiling and walls from dust. Hold the brush cleaner at a little distance of the surface not to damage it. You can also use an ordinary brush with a clean, dry cloth wounded around. ©

  2. To prevent the bathroom mirror from weeping, wipe it with a cloth soaked with glycerin or a solution of 1 tsp. of gelatin diluted in half a glass of water.
  3. Another tip: the bathroom mirror will not fog up if you sprinkle it with a car window defogger spray.

  4. To prevent the soap from soaking, put a thin slice of a sponge into a soapbox.
  5. Do not clean the bathtub with detergents intended for cleaning toilets as they can contain strong acids that rapidly depletes a thin layer of an enamel surface of the bathtub.
  6. Under the influence of moisture and atmospheric oxygen, the iron pipes in the bathroom are oxidized, covered with rust, which, together with the water falling on the surface of the plumbing, forms brown streaks and spots. Constantly leaking faucet leaves the same spots on the enamel surface of the bathtub. There are special detergents to remove rust spots. However, they contain acids harmful to the enamel, and, therefore, cannot be used more than once a month.
  7. It is possible to wash away the yellow plaque on the walls with laundry bleach diluted with water to a density of sour cream. Cover the walls with the solution, and after its drying, remove it with a wet cloth. If the bath is contaminated too much, repeat the procedure. Try to remove the yellowing enamel using the warmed vinegar and a little salt.
  8. Lemon crusts will help to get rid of the stains on nickel-plated taps. A few minutes after the treatment, wash them with water, wipe dry, and polish with a piece of cloth.
  9. You can clean the exhaust pipe in the bathroom the following way: close the drain holes of the bathtub, washbasin and sink, fill them with water up to the top, and then open all plugs at once and vigorously pump with a plunger.

    To repair the water leak in the bathtub caused by a loose plug, thickly grease the lateral surface of the plug with soap.

  10. Now, the toilet. Daily wipe the toilet seat with soap and water. Plastic seats are easier to clean with special tools for plastic products.
  11. The mixture of 9 parts of hydrogen peroxide and 1 part of ammonia can cope with the rust stains on the toilets (sinks, tubs) made of marble, porcelain and enamel.

    To wash the toilet pipe, pour 2-3 buckets of hot water in it. Add a little laundry detergent to one of the buckets. Wire brush soaked in a detergent is also a good way to clean the toilet bowl.

    You should do a deep cleaning of the toilet bowl several times a week washing it with disinfectant gels and a wire brush. Clean the space under the rim with a special brush. Try to use chlorinated agents for cleaning the toilet as little as possible. After cleaning, keep the washed wire in a container with antiseptic.

  12. Wipe the bathtub or shower tray with a soft cloth moistened with an antibacterial agent and wash it with hot water after each use. After bathing or showering, there are flakes of skin and bacteria on the walls and floor. Moreover, the wet surface can cause fungal diseases.

Another 15 things to keep in mind

To clean the bathroom, it is not enough to wash plumbing, rub tiles, wipe the facades of the furniture and wash the floor. 

  Most dirt accumulates in the places that we simply forget to pay attention to when do the cleaning. 

So, what should you do while deep cleaning in the bathroom?

  1. Wipe the dust from the lamps. Wipe or brush the ventilation grille.
  2. Wipe electrical sockets and switches with a slightly damp cloth.
  3. Wash the door and door slopes and do not forget about the door handle and the area with fingertips around it.
  4. Using an old toothbrush or stiff sponge, clean the dirt, debris and rust from the faucet joints and drains.
  5. Clean the corners around the sink, bathtub or shower tray, as well as the places where curtain walling systems are touched with the walls as the most of mold and rust accumulates right there.
  6. Pay special attention to the condition of tile joints and, if necessary, clean them with an old toothbrush.
  7. Thoroughly wipe the glass shelves and mirrors.
  8. Check the expiration dates of the rarely used cosmetic products and detergents to get rid of the old ones. Wash or wipe the items stored on the shelves with a damp cloth: jars of creams, bottles of shampoo, liquid soap containers and so on. Wash the outside and inside of the cup for razors or toothbrushes and thoroughly dry it.
  9. Wipe, polish and dry the faucets, towel racks, hangers, rails, shelves of metal elements and so on. You need a damp cloth moistened with glass cleaner or a solution of warm water and ammonia.
  10. If the space under the bathroom is closed with the screen and is used to store various useful things, then it is necessary to keep them in order and remember to wipe the floor there.
  11. Wash the baseboards and corners of the floor where the dirt and dust are accumulated with a stiff brush.
  12. Tidy the laundry basket. Empty it, throw away the garbage accumulated at the bottom, wash or wipe the basket.
  13. If the washing machine is located in the bathroom, then clean the front and side walls, push it from the wall to sweep away the debris accumulated behind it, and then wipe the floor and baseboards.
  14. Carefully wipe or wash all items on the floor (trash basket, etc.).
  15. Wash the shower curtain.

And finally,

The most common missteps

Bathroom cleaning takes a lot of efforts, that’s why we often choose stronger detergents than it is necessary, in fact. 

  If you use store-bought means for cleaning sanitary ware then make sure that they are used strictly for their intended purposes and according to the instructions.

Otherwise, you will get thinned enamel and cracked pottery.

Remember that the easiest way to clean fast when you do not make a mess. Encourage your family members to keep the order, and then bathroom cleaning will not be too troublesome.

Author: Anna Wallace