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Clean Your Toaster Properly and Have Nice Crispy Bread for Breakfast



Since the time in 2600 BC, when the Egyptians began to bake bread, people have made toasts. Over 4000 years, the most common family toaster was a common stick with a piece of bread, which is held over a fire. With the appearance of electricity, around the beginning of the twentieth century, inventors started looking for convenient ways of enjoying a slice of toasted bread. The first home toaster, which appeared in 1926, solved this problem but created another – how to clean this household appliance filled with crumbs.

Today, many people have at home kitchen this wonderful and easy to use device. It allows you to make a hot and crispy fried slice of bread without any fuss in the morning. Food lovers find this meal one of the most delicious in the world.

Housewives clean all appliances and items in the kitchen but often forget to clean up inside the toaster. However, like any appliance, your toaster can become dirty while using, and if you do not carry out periodic maintenance it will break. There are always a lot of breadcrumbs in the toaster. So, to extend the service life of the device and comply with fire safety requirements, you should regularly care for it. To prevent damage, you should know some rules and tricks. And most importantly, a clean toaster does its job better.

Why is it necessary to clean the toaster

In addition to the cleaning the outer surface from splashes and fingerprints, the inner surface needs care, as well. To make the appliance more productive, clean it inside once a month.

The easiest and most affordable tool for cleaning is a toothbrush (or something of the kind). With the toothbrush, you’ll easily remove the remnants of the bread from the inside of the device. You should clean the inside of the appliance to protect it from harmful bacteria, as well. Crumbs lying on the tray or adhering to coil cause unpleasant odors and uneven coil heating, so it is necessary to thoroughly clean your toast maker from the remnants of grease and oil. The accumulation of these residues can result in a fire. Here is a step-by-step guide how to clean your toaster.

Step-by-step Guide

Step one

All actions on cleaning the toaster should be carried out on a table with good lighting. Put a piece of paper on the table where you will collect all crumbs later. 

Prepare necessary tools: a toothbrush, coarse salt, parchment paper, brush.  

Clean the appliance using a sponge or cloth soaked in hot soapy water. Never use abrasive cleaners. If the food particles are trapped inside and difficult to remove you can soak them with a sponge, wait for their mitigation, and then try to delete them again.

Step two

Pour coarse salt particles through the top slot for bread. Now you need to cover these slots with paper and attach it well with tape along the outline of the appliance. Next, tightly holding a toaster, you should shake the device for a few seconds. Salt helps to clean the inside and get rid of blackening. 

However, do not forget to remove all salt from the toaster since the salt reacting with moisture can cause corrosion.

Step three

You need to clean the tray. You can wash it in running water or apply a detergent, and then wipe dry. All toasters are equipped with different kind of trays that collect the bulk of crumbs. Thereat, flip-down trays are attached with screws so you will need a screwdriver to screw them off. The best one is a sliding tray which covers almost the entire area of the bottom. If your model is not equipped with a removable tray you should turn the toaster and gently shake it over the paper.

From time to time should remove the bottom cover of the base and remove crumbs gathered inside. Put the toast maker on its side and gently brush it. It is not necessary to shake the device vigorously or knock it on the table to shake out the crumbs. Some of the heating elements are quite delicate and can be damaged.

Step four

The final stage is cleaning the device outside. Having soaked a cloth in a vinegar solution, you can simply wipe it. To remove difficult stains on the body, you can use baking soda since it will not scratch the appliance or damage it any other way. Fingerprints, stains and dirt can be more visible on the toaster with a glossy surface. Keep this in mind when purchasing, for example, the device with a stainless steel or chrome finish will require more efforts to remove fingerprints and retain gloss. 

To clean chrome and glass parts, use detergents for glass, and then your toaster will shine again.

When using the detergent, try not to touch the heating elements as they should be clean and dry. You will need a damp cloth to get rid of the remainder of the soap solution, and a dry cloth – to clean the device. The toaster should dry completely before you turn it back into operation.

Other tips

If you keep the toaster always on the table then wipe it with a damp sponge or cloth every time you wash the tables or fingerprints on the refrigerator.

In conclusion, we would like to draw your attention to the main points once again.

  1. The first thing to do is to disable the toaster from the electrical outlet for your safety. Unplug the toaster from the socket only with dry hands.
  2. Clean the device only when it is fully cooled down not to burn. Moreover, if you work with a hot device you can damage it.
  3. Do not use sharp and / or metal objects to clean the toaster. While using them, you can damage the parts of the device. In addition, if the appliance is plugged in you can suffer from an electric shock.
  4. Never immerse your toaster in water or try to wash it under running water if you do not want a short circuit and the complete failure of the device.
  5. The rules and tips described above are applicable to a toaster oven, as well.

Compliance with all rules will help you to keep the device working for a very long time and protect you from injury while cleaning. However, if you are not sure in your abilities, then go to professionals who will help you for a little fee.

Author: Anna Wallace