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Air Care

The sense of smell plays an important role in our lives and has its own memory and ability to immerse us in the past days, causing great memories. So, when catching the smell of an apple pie, you thought back to your childhood. Odour of perfume will remind you of someone whom you never forget. Your favorite confectionery will always welcome you with a familiar smell of ground coffee and vanilla muffins. The smell of fresh, crisp linen with a light perfume will evoke the memories of the hotel where you spent your successful weekend. Pleasant smells give you a good mood.

From time to time, an unpleasant smell appears in any home. Mustiness in the basement, garbage outside, cigarette smoke in the entryway – unpleasant smells try to get into your apartment every time you open the front door. If, in addition, there are clogged pipes and broken ventilation, then it’s even worse. Read Air Care Section to learn how to create a pleasant atmosphere in the house.