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How to Make Your Room Perfectly Clean? Now, We Reveal the Secrets!

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to keep the house in order? The daily five-minute cleaning is equal to 61 hours a year, or five and a half months of life of an average housewife. The half-hour floor washing twice a week is equal to 52 hours per year; a couple of hours of a weekly general cleaning are 104 hours. Total, eighteen months of life are devoted to the fight against dirt and disorder. Isn’t it too much? The answer is obvious.

Why should we clean home? First, for the disinfection: we reduce the amount of dust, get rid of the harmful microorganisms, and prevent the appearance of the household insects. Second, we keep the objects that surround us in their premature state. The third reason for the desire to wash, wipe and clean is the sense of beauty: you want the house to look good. To make your house clean and neat, you just need to know a few basic things. Now, we’ll tell about them.

Tips for 15 minutes cleaning

What can you do in 15 minutes? For example, using these tips, you can clean the room. If you have little time to clean, they will help you to maintain the cleanliness on a daily basis. Of course, after such a cleaning the apartment will not be perfect but it will be good-looking, at least for the chance-comers.


The cleaning is designed to eliminate waste, dirty dishes, as well as other odds and ends in the kitchen making it ready for immediate use, as well as for the guests. If you are not going to defrost the refrigerator or clean under the sink then you will have enough time to remove all garbage and dirty dishes making your kitchen clean and pleasant to use.

Enemy number one is fat. Before you start cleaning grease stains, remove the small household appliances to be sure that a coffee maker or kettle is not hiding the enemy number two – bacteria.

Wash the counters and sink. Spray or pour disinfectant into the sink. Leave for 10 minutes to kill any harmful bacteria. Meanwhile, wash the kitchen countertops and a table with disinfectant. Then scrub the sink with a sponge, rinse with water and wipe dry. Return to the counters and also wipe them with a dry cloth.

Use a broom – it will collect dirt and crumbs, and then the wet cleaning will be more efficient.

Wipe the handle of the refrigerator – it takes a few seconds and spray disinfectant to get rid of bacteria.


Most people leave their bedrooms clean for the last. After a busy day or week, a bedroom can be in a terrible state. This cleaning will help you to keep the bedroom tidy.

It seems that it’s very easy to maintain cleanliness in the bedroom. However, numerous souvenirs, vases and jewelry scattered on the dresser, turn into a haven of dust. Look at the back of the photo frames and under the bed and you will see how much you bedroom needs cleaning.

Refresh the bed. Since the work with a bed raise dust, start with it. Shake or replace the sheets, plump up the pillows (if there is sun outside you can hang them to dry on the balcony). Shake the bedcover. 

To keep the bed fresh longer, use a special spray for bed linen (with the smell of lavender, verbena, ylang-ylang, green tea, and others).

Wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth. Use a cleaning spray (a common wet cloth is also suitable) and walk around the room clockwise. If you move from one corner to another, you will forget what is wiped and what is not. First, go around the room, and then move to the center.

Living room

In this room beloved by all family members, there is often a chaos. Toys, magazines, salted nuts, DVD – everything leaves its mark. Dirt accumulates in the living room at the speed of light what means that this area needs your special attention.

First, declutter. Take the laundry basket and gather all litter. Later, when you have more time, you can arrange it in order.

Wipe the dust at an eye level. Now it is important to clean the most visible things and, therefore, do not look under the table or at a dusty lampshade. Wipe the dust, the one that is visible. You will need a cloth (preferably two) and cleaning spray for different surfaces.

Plump up the pillows and straighten the bedcover. These little activities have a great visual effect.

The rule of 15 minutes works when you have little time to clean the room, but it does not cancel the need of deep cleaning.

14 tips for cleaning the house

Here, we brought together several important lifehacks.

  1. It is a right thing to start cleaning the room with a vacuum cleaner and then wipe the dust. Otherwise, it will settle again.
  2. It is impossible to wash the whole bathroom before you leave for work but you can fill the toilet with cleaning liquid, and in the evening, clean it with a wire brush.
  3. If there are places that need a pre-treatment with disinfection and deep cleaning, then begin with them. Apply he detergents and engaged in other things. Wait until they take effect (from 1 to 5 minutes) and start cleaning.
  4. To clean the remote places – corners, grooves in the plumbing, tanks, and appliances, use a toothbrush.
  5. Sprinkle the screens and rear surface of the equipment and televisions with an antistatic agent rubbing them with a special cloth. They will accumulate twice as little dust.
  6. To get rid of extra cleaning and ventilation of the refrigerator, use an activated carbon. It will absorb all smells and the fridge will be fresh.
  7. Before you start cleaning the kitchen, you should pre-treat the surface of the stove with the means against grease. Then, the spots will be removed while you are busy with cooking utensils and countertops.
  8. Do not wipe the surfaces with a chaotic or circular motion to avoid stains. Do it with horizontal or vertical moves. If the surface has a complex structure, wipe along the structure.
  9. You can save a lot of time if you replace the usual cloth with a microfiber one.
  10. For more rational use of the cloth, fold it four times. So you increase the duration of the cloth use and save your time.
  11. You should not use the abrasive side of the sponge to get rid of stains or dirt because it can damage the surface. It is better not to use a sponge with a green abrasive in the kitchen. Use a white or blue one.
  12. Advice for those who has just made repairs: to get rid of the white construction dust on the floor, wash it first with ordinary water with vinegar (2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water) and then use a detergent for floors.
  13. The dishwashing detergent not always can remove the plaque from the dishes and cups of tea and coffee, and instead of white, they become yellow. Use common baking soda. Apply a small amount of baking soda on the soft side of the sponge and wipe the dishes. They will be like new.
  14. Not to spoil the frying pan, never pour it with cold water immediately after cooking. Of course, it will be easy to clean it but then all food will be burnt. So, just wait until the pan cools down, and only then fill it with water.

How to keep the room in order and make cleaning process easier

Avoid, do not buy, do not use

Avoid plain white, yellow and brown surfaces. Do not buy furniture with blue, black, dark green and bright red upholstery – every speck of dust and any hair is noticeable at such surfaces. Do not use ceramic tiles in black, dark blue or dark green for the bathroom; otherwise your life will turn into a daily struggle with soapy water stains and a limescale. The best color for public spaces is ivory.

The mottled pattern of the cover on the kitchen floor will hide irritating debris and crumbs if you do not have time to broom. Motley carpet in the dining room will not be ruined by a broken glass with wine.

Make use of your “bad” habits

People often put things anywhere but not in the places designed for them. You would not reach the top shelf if you can stick the book on the lower one (even if the upper shelves are empty, and the bottom ones are crowded with books in three rows). Therefore,

  • Hang shelves where it is convenient, but not where they look good.
  • Keep necessary items in the most accessible places, even if these things are an eyesore and spoil the image of the house. They will be at hand anyway, but not where they should be. It is better - or rather, it is convenient to come to terms with their willfulness.

Do not clutter

There are vegetable stores, and there are clutter stores. The first ones are very useful, and the second are terribly harmful. Storages for clutter have many faces: these are cardboard boxes in the attic, elegant plastic boxes, built-in cabinets, plastic bags, and sacks. They quietly, slowly capture your living space. Here are excellent hangers for storing coats that no one will wear. Here are special boxes for the wire. Here, on the shelves near the ceiling, are wonderful pots, which for years collect dust. The storage of useless things never pays off! Give them to someone else or throw away – whatever you want, just do not turn into a rag pickers or storekeepers.

Never use or get rid of

The list of difficult cleaning facilities includes:

  • soft woods such as pine or spruce;
  • any tree without topcoat;
  • paper wallpaper;
  • corduroy, velvet;
  • plain too light or too dark cloth;
  • not water-resistant paint;
  • relief or porous materials for table tops;
  • bright carpets;
  • carpets with long pile;
  • mats made from natural fibers (wool and cotton);
  • carpet with a volume texture or embossed pattern;
  • chrome surfaces of household appliances, sanitary ware;
  • shaped handles made of brass and copper;
  • carved wooden decorations on furniture, walls, windows;
  • glass doors and cabinet doors;
  • shower trays;
  • net from flies;
  • crystal chandeliers;
  • fabric lampshades;
  • throw pillows;
  • embroidered napkins and tablecloths;
  • carved furniture;
  • stucco ceilings.

Hardly ever, a person is able to keep all this clean, so it's better to get rid of such things at home.

No cabinets – no problem

Are you tired of cleaning the table in the hall, which is full of keys, gloves, combs, old newspapers, and so on? 

Do not waste time decluttering and constantly reproaching your family members. If there is no room for mess, there is no mess.

It’s nice but not for everyone

Design magazines urge to diversify the interior, to create original combinations by connecting various materials. It is cute, but designers and architects are living in a fantasy world and rarely descend from heaven to earth to create something really comfortable, functional and affordable. So keep in mind: the neighborhood of different types of surfaces not only complicates the cleaning but also increases its cost.

Take, for example, a luxury mirror with an oak frame. Any means for glass cleaning contains ammonia that can damage the tree. It’s enough to clean the mirror twice an expensive frame will be covered with ugly dark gray spots. It would be good to use household appliances, plumbing, and electrical equipment from a single manufacturer. Among other things, it will be easier to find replacement parts or repair them.

So that's what this is all about!

The Carpet and Rug Institute estimated that 80 percent of dirt and debris are brought into the house with shoes. There is nothing easier than to reduce the time for cleaning reducing the dirt from the street: it is enough to put a good rug at the door. A good rug should be rigid, made of nylon or olefin fibers with a vinyl or rubber base. These rugs are electrified by friction and, therefore, attract dust like a magnet. In addition, they easily absorb mud and it’s easy to vacuum them.

The length of the rug should be at least four steps. The proper rug saves on cleaning 200 man-hours per year what is equal to a week’s holiday at the sea. It is not a bluff - smart scientists have counted accurately.

Broom is the thing of the past

Is it possible to damage a bath-tub? Or ruin the stove and refrigerator? You can if you really get excited while cleaning. Scraper, abrasive powder, corrosive acids are the terrible enemies not only of dirt but also of the household items.

Do not skimp: special towels, sponges, and cloths wash and clean with incredible speed and efficiency. 

Rubber scrapers and brushes with telescopic handles are much better any old wooden brooms and common mops.

Someone cleans every day. Someone accumulates all household chores and cleans during the deep cleaning of the apartment. It is better to turn cleaning into a light and almost pleasant activity. Do not forget the main rule: you can always find 10-15 minutes for everyday cleaning and thus save your time on monthly cleaning.

Author: Anna Wallace