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Clean Your Mattress Properly and Sleep Better Every Night

Photo: © Tifonimages -

Photo: © Tifonimages -

Sleep is an important part of our life. The lack of sleep can cause serious diseases and affect the overall health. The things we sleep on are important, as well. Thus, the mattress must be not only comfortable but also clean. Often, we don’t pay much attention to bedding; however, it needs regular care. There are specific features that you should take into account to clean the mattress properly.

How to Delete Mattress Stains

Depending on the type of pollution, there are many methods for making your mattress tidy.

Don't forget to clean your blankets!

If you spilled some liquid on your bedding then first you should thoroughly sop it up with paper towels or sponge to prevent it soak into the deeper layers of the mattress. Then apply a stain remover, do not forget to study the user manual.

When you clean the mattress, there can be rims between the wet and dry surfaces. They are easy to remove with an ordinary clear washing powder.


Fresh blood speckles are easily removed with wet wipes. You should quickly wipe the spot, and then you'll need a cloth soaked in a cold soapy solution, which will wash the blood off thro and thro.

It’s more difficult to get rid of old blood stains. You need to make a paste of salt, starch and hydrogen peroxide (the ratio of 1:1:1), and then apply the mixture on the soiled place and let it dry. Next you need to wash the mixture off so that the peroxide could not absorb too deep into your sleeping place. If the spot is still there, then do the same procedure several times.

If the recipe does not help, you can take drastic actions – use bleach. Be careful! You need just a little of it; the time of exposure should be minimized, as well. That is, you put the bleach and immediately begin to wash it off with a wet cloth. Then give the mattress a good dry.

Grease stains

Greasy stains are easily removed with alcohol. Wipe the bedding with a cotton swab soaked with alcohol and let it completely dry.

Wax stains

If you spill candle wax on the mattress, remove the remnants with a blunt knife and iron underside of the cover through blotting paper, and then repeat the procedure described above.

Mud stains

You can remove mud stains with a solution of vinegar diluted in warm water in equal proportions.

Test the impact of the solution on a small and hidden area of your mattress.

Traces of makeup

One of the ways to remove makeup traces is to gently blot the spot with blotting paper. The spots of lipstick should be wiped with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol, while traces of nail polish are easily removed with acetone. You should also test this method of cleaning on a small and hidden part of your bedding.

Sticky spots

If you find traces of plaster or a stuck chewing gum on your mattress, cover the contaminated area with ice. Then clean the sticky remnants with a blunt knife and repeat the procedure applied to removing the traces of cosmetics.

Spots of an unknown origin

There are stains, which are difficult to understand how they were formed, especially if it’s a soiled mattress. There is a multipurpose solution, which can remove different kinds of stains. Mix a small bottle of peroxide (200–250 ml.) with 3 tbsp. baking soda, add a drop of dishwashing detergent. Then you should pour the mixture in a spray bottle and sprinkle it on the spot. Leave it for 10 minutes, and then you will see how the spots lighten and disappear.

How to Clean Urine from a Mattress

You clean pee from the mattress different ways; however, most of them are suitable only for fresh stains. One of the effective removers is an ordinary soap solution. After cleaning you should blot the humid place with a towel and let it dry. You can also remove stains with a mixture of salt and lemon juice. Mix the ingredients until the mushy state. You should put it on the stain, leave there for several hours, and then wash it off with a sponge.

Urine cleaning includes smell removing, as well. You can wipe the surface with a solution of vinegar, or use odor absorbing means (they are often sold in pet stores).

To avoid further trouble with your bedding, buy a waterproof cover or use a skid diaper.

How to Care For an Orthopedic Mattress

Orthopedic mattress consists of several layers. In the middle, there is a block of springs or a latex plate. Closer to the surface, there are layers of different materials: batting, foam rubber, coconut, celliant. The top is covered with fabric.

Springless models are usually contaminated with organic materials, what leads to microbial growth not only on the surface but also in the lower layers. Because of the many layers your bedding requires deep cleaning. Usually, the best way is a professional dry cleaning with some detergents for cover, others – for the layers, and a very quick drying process not allowing the inner layers to deform.

At home, you can follow a few useful tips of experts, in order to delay the moment when your bedding goes the dry cleaners. Every six months, you need to turn the mattress to the other side. Be sure to use special covers suitable for washing. Once a week, you should vacuum mattress, thereby preventing mites and microorganisms stay on the surface. If there are small stains, it is better to remove them with special detergents for furniture, following the instructions for use.

How to Get the Smell of Cigarette Smoke Out of the used Mattress

Bedding quickly absorbs odors that sometimes are quite difficult to get rid of. Is your bed full of the cigarette smell? Then try to remove the cover, sprinkle the mattress with baking soda and leave it at least for a day. Then remove the remnants of soda with a vacuum cleaner.

How to Keep the Mattress Clean

You can avoid cleaning if you follow a few simple rules. Remember that the mattress is geared for rest and sleep, so do not eat and drink, or smoke in your bed.

Special waterproof covers will help you to protect your bedding from moisture and will make the regular cleaning easier, especially in the children's room.

Most importantly, do not wait for the mattress to become soiled – regularly make it tidy with a vacuum cleaner and put in the sun every few months to save time and money on dry cleaning.


  • Vinegar also kills mold spores.
  • When you have something spilled on your bedding, try immediately to blot it.
  • Wash bed linen and bedding once a week using only hot water, and you will get rid of bed mites.
  • Vacuum the mattress once a month or so. Thus you will reduce the amount of dust on it. The cover will help to not only reduce the amount of dust but also get rid of the dust mites.
  • Once a week, turn the mattress, so that each side could be aired. This will prevent the formation of mold. However, before doing so, make sure that your mattress can be turned – some models can be used only on a single side. Make sure that your mattress can be turned – some models can be used only on a single side.
  • Get a good mattress pad. A preventive measure is your first priority! It is much easier to remove the pad or cover and wash it. Thus you will save a lot of time.

If you keep the simple rules you will easily keep your bedding in good condition. The mattress will last longer and will not lose its useful features due to proper and regular care.

Author: Anna Wallace