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Make Your Home Beautiful with Laminate Floors and Learn How to Clean Them Properly




  1. General Tips
  2. Detergents
  3. How to Wash Laminate Floors
  4. Vacuum Cleaner for laminate

Laminate is the kind of modern covering that has become incredibly popular in recent years. It has valuable qualities: high strength, wear resistance, moisture resistance, environmental safety, variety of colors and decor. Laminate, depending on its class, can be used in any living space: entrance hall, bedroom, children's room, kitchen and even bathroom, as well as in your office, retail and industrial buildings.

The main advantage of this flooring is easy cleaning. However, the result of improper care is that the coating is quickly used up, worn out and starts to creak. To make the floor serve you longer, it is important to care for laminate carefully following the simple rules.

General Tips

So, here are the rules of how to keep laminate in a good state.

  1. Clean the laminate as often as possible. Daily care is good, as well. It will not take you much time. Moreover, it’s very easy to care for laminate covering.
  2. It’s no wonder that flooring gets quickly dirty. Study how to properly remove the stains, use only the agents geared to care for this kind of coating.
  3. Remember that water resistance of the laminate is kept until there is no damage to the top layer. It is difficult to damage the covering, still possible. The top layer is made from an acrylic resin, which protects the covering against moisture and contaminants including dust.
  4. If there are scratches, you should remove them as fast as possible using a special paste. By the way, if there is an animal, small child, or furniture on wheels that move frequently, then buy the paste in advance.
  5. If hardwood flooring requires periodic polishing, the laminate – does not. It has its own gloss. It is enough to sweep away the dust and garbage with a broom or use the vacuum cleaner if you need more serious cleaning. If you simply vacuum your floors every day, then they will look like new longer.
  6. Don't forget to clean your carpets.

If you decide to put laminate at the front door, then you need a doormat to avoid scratches from the sand brought with your shoes.


Usually, water is enough to care for the laminate. However, stores for household chemicals can offer you lots of special detergents to care for this type of covering. You do not need to use them daily; it is enough to apply them once a week.

You can use

  1. Water and a soft cloth or mop with a special nozzle.
  2. Various detergents designed for laminate.
  3. Various detergents designed for home cleaning.
  4. Alcohol or acetone to remove strong stains.
  5. Other means: soap, shampoo, dishwashing liquid.
  6. Polishes geared for this type of coating.
  7. Vacuum cleaner, broom, mop with soft nozzles.

You should not use

  1. Cleansers with abrasive powders.
  2. Hard cloths and sponges, metal brushes.
  3. Solvents.
  4. Acid or acid liquids.
  5. The means for cleaning other floor coverings, hardwood flooring.
  6. Products containing mastic or wax.

These chemicals can damage the protective layer or leave stains that damage the top of the protective layer or reduce its lifetime.

How to Wash Laminate Floors

For daily care, the vacuum cleaner will be enough. Or, you can use a broom, which removes dust, dirt and sand from the surface.

Wet cleaning is applied when you cannot remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner. You’d better wash your floors two or three times a week. The main question is whether you can use water for cleaning laminate. The answer is “yes” – only do it carefully.

Most stains and types of dirt can be removed with a wet soft cloth. To wash the floor, you need to squeeze the cloth to make it wet and wipe the floor. For better effect, you should change the water frequently and make sure that excessive moisture does not get on the surface.

How to get rid of stains

Laminate flooring is generally impervious to many kinds of dirt. However, if the stains have appeared it may be difficult to remove them. We’ll tell you about the most popular stains and how to get rid of them.

  1. Resin. Freeze the stain using an ice-filled bag. Then carefully clean the stain with a plastic scraper. Wipe the remaining trace with a cloth moistened with a window cleaner detergent.
  2. Chocolate, juice, wine, and oil stains. Apply usual cleaners for household cleaning (with neutral PH).
  3. Spots from alcohol-based drinks. Remove them with a soft cloth soaked in soapy water. If there is no result, then drip a little meth onto the stain and rub with a cloth.
  4. Marker traces. Use white spirit. It is suitable for a chewing gum, as well.
  5. Blood stains. It is easily removed with a window cleaner detergent.
  6. Nail polish. To remove it, use a pinch of scouring powder, plastic pads, and warm water. Just keep in mind that you should rub very gently.
  7. Traces of shoes can be removed with a usual eraser.
  8. Candle wax. You should wait for complete solidification, and then carefully remove with a scraper and apply the paste.
Test the selected cleaners on a small, hidden from the eyes spot. If the coating is clean enough and remains intact, then it can be applied for cleaning the entire floor.

How to remove water stains

In order to leave no water stains, do the following:

  • use a soft cloth or mop with a special nozzle;
  • add some floor cleaning detergent to the water;
  • after the wet cleaning, wipe the floor with a dry cloth, which removes excess moisture and stains (if any).
Some people believe that this type of covering needs constant wet cleaning. In fact, if you do not allow accumulating different litter which can affect the surface the same way as abrasive particles do, i.e. scratching it, then there is no need for frequent washing. Everyday vacuuming is not difficult, and it is sufficient to do a wet cleaning once a week.

Vacuum Cleaner for laminate

When buying a vacuum cleaner, many people often ask if it is suitable for cleaning laminate. Manufacturers of this type of coating do not recommend using mechanical cleaning. However, the answer depends on the laminate and vacuum cleaner’s quality. Many of the models that are presented on the market of washing vacuum cleaners left on the floor a lot of moisture that is harmful to the laminate. It is more efficient to use a usual vacuum cleaner to collect the garbage, and then do the wet cleaning with a well squeezed cloth.

How to choose

If you decide to clean your apartment with laminate floors using washing vacuum cleaner, then do not scrimp, choose the model of the famous brand.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, pay attention to the suction power, the filtration system and method of operation. The best option is a vacuum cleaner with a high power, which can be controlled by a timer.

Thus, we told how to wash laminate daily, as well as how to get rid of different kinds of spots. Still, this type of covering requires a careful attitude. Therefore, you must exclude aggressive and abrasive products. In other respects, the care for laminate floors is simple and usually does not require more effort than cleaning any other covering.

Author: Anna Wallace