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Learn Rug Cleaning Secrets and Make Your Interior Unique



Decorative rugs are often thinner than usual carpets, so they require different cleaning methods.

Common Area Rug Cleaning

All you need for daily cleaning is a quality vacuum cleaner and a brush. The procedure is following.

  1. First, turn the carpet pattern down and vacuum the wrong side.
  2. Turn back the carpet, pattern up and vacuum avoiding tassels if any.
  3. Fluff the tassels with hands as they can get wrinkled while vacuuming.
  4. Then use a brush to remove hair and dust that may remain on the carpet, especially if there are pets.

Some types of small rugs are washable. Check the care instructions.


Remove stains

If contamination is fresh it can be easily removed with alcohol or soap. Simply wet the cloth with alcohol and rub the dirty place. The same is done with soap. Moisten the surface, soap and rub the spot with a brush, and then wash off the suds using a damp cloth.

If the stain on the carpet emits an unpleasant smell clean it using dishwashing detergent adding a few drops of ammonia.

When there are stubborn and old stains, apply vinegar. Dilute it in water taking a part of vinegar and 4 parts of water. Apply the solution to the dirty spots, and then just blot it with a paper towel. After the agent is absorbed, it is necessary to sprinkle the stain with baking soda. After several minutes, thoroughly vacuum the place of contamination.

If you know the nature of the stain, one of the following methods will be helpful.

  1. Clean beer, various wines, and liqueurs stains with a solution of water and laundry detergent (a tsp of detergent per liter of water). Soak a cloth, wipe the stain, and then wash the solution off with warm water and a little vinegar.
  2. Coffee, cocoa or tea spots wipe with water and cold glycerol. The ratio is the same – a tsp of vinegar per liter of cold water.
  3. Fruit juice and red wine stains. Cold water and a small amount of ammonia will help you to get rid of the stains.
  4. Grease spots can be removed with gasoline.
After applying one of the above methods, you should clean the entire surface of the rug with a clothes brush. Soak it in a detergent, and then wipe the rug with a sponge or even a wet brush.

However, some types of rugs require a specific approach.

Cleaning Oriental Rugs

The best way to regular care of rugs is a dry vacuum cleaning. However, you should consider the features of the material the rugs are made of.

How to clean silk rugs

The fabric is very strong and durable; however, you should not beat a silk rug. Do not wash it with soap or shampoo. To remove stains, make a solution of vinegar and cold water, diluted in the ratio 1:3. Wipe the spot with a piece of chamois cloth in the direction of the pile. Then dry the rug in the air. Direct sunlight is not a good option. After drying, repeat the procedure using the same cloth, but dry. To clean silk rugs, you can use a soft bristle brush or a nylon fabric, as well. Once a month, gently but thoroughly shake out your silk carpet.

How to clean wool rugs

You can and should vacuum them on both sides. Wet cleaning with ordinary soap or baby shampoo is also suitable, but the rugs require a very fast drying outdoors or in a well-ventilated room. You should beat wool carpets twice a year. In the winter, you can clean it in the fresh air, put it face on the snow and beat out all dust. Dry the rug indoors.

Wool carpets can be wet, but it is advisable to dry them very quickly. 

Do not use any detergents or means, well-publicized and cheap. They may contain bleaching agents that hurt your wool rug.

If you bought the rug of wool and silk at the same time, find a middle ground: do not overdo with beating and vacuum cleaning, perform these procedures as much as possible carefully, and pay special attention to the silk parts.

To get rid of pet odor and obsessive smell of tobacco, sprinkle the rug with talc. Leave it for a night so it can absorb all smells, and the next morning just vacuum the carpet.

How to get rid of stains

Always be careful when doing cleaning or stain removal, not to spoil the texture or color of your carpet, both silk and wool.

  1. Do not wait until the dirt on your carpet will be visible to the eye (for example, the smallest particles of grease gradually settle on the carpet). Carry out routine Persian rug cleaning.
  2. Test the detergent on a hidden part of the rug (for example, on the edge, which is located under the furniture).
  3. Do not dry the carpet under the scorching sun, as well as with a hair dryer, lamps, and other sources of artificial heat. Dry oriental rugs only outdoors or indoors with the windows open.
  4. Never use any chemicals because they can only harm the natural materials of the carpet. If dry vacuum cleaning cannot help to get rid of the dirt (stains from coffee, wine, and oil), then the stains should be removed with a clean slightly wet white towel. Do not make much effort removing stains, as it can be rubbed into the carpet.

In addition, experts recommend, from time to time, turning the carpet by 180˚ or just moving it a few centimeters away in different directions to prevent the pile depletion in the areas most prone to mechanical influences.

If you care for your rugs properly they will please you and your children or even grandchildren for a long time.

Author: Anna Wallace