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How to Turn Unpleasant Duties Into a Joy? It\'s Easy With Our Kitchen Cleaning Checklist



Many women like cooking. But you’ll hardly find the one who loves to clean the kitchen and do it with pleasure! However, cleaning in the kitchen is an important part of household activities. So, what should you do to turn this tedious and unpleasant activity into a simple and almost pleasant one?

Everyday cleaning

If you put dirty dishes in the sink every day saying, "I’ll do it later"; if you constantly forget to clean the stove and tiles; if you make a mess in the kitchen cabinets…No, it’s not the end of the world, of course, but none will enjoy your kitchen, not to mention the dinner.

So, the first rule: dirty dishes should be washed immediately!

Did you have lunch? Then spend a little time to wash the plates, forks, and pans. Even if you work in an aggressive timetable but you have 20 minutes to have lunch at home, then you will always find a few minutes to rinse the dishes. Try not to accumulate a bunch of dirty dishes with dried food for the evening.

If you have more than 5 minutes, do the cleaning immediately after eating. This is the second rule

Put all uneaten food in the refrigerator. Check, whether there are dirty dishes. Wipe the dining table, counters, and the stove with a sponge and a little detergent. Clean the sink from grease and dirt. Finally, you can just to vacuum or sweep the floor and wash it for a couple of minutes.

Rule Three: Throw the garbage away often!

If you leave the house several times a day, then every time catch with you a bag with leftover food and other waste. Otherwise, your kitchen will be full of unpleasant smells, which are difficult to get rid of. By the way, bad odor is not the only drawback from the bin – there can be bacteria and microorganisms. You don’t wanna it, do you?


Rule Four: Do not use a sponge for dishes for more than 2-3 days at a run!

Often change sponges and napkins. The reason is the same: the accumulation of pathogenic bacteria and microbes and their proliferation. You do not wash the dishes with a dirty sponge but make it dirty, as well. Try to change every day what can be washed (reusable wipes, towels).

Rule Five: Do not go to bed while the kitchen is not put in order!

Just imagine how it is nice to enter the clean, sparkling kitchen in the morning and cook your breakfast! So, spend 10 minutes of your precious time and go to bed feeling free.

Monthly Cleaning

Some people do this type of cleaning every week, but once a month is enough, as well.

  1. Pull out all food, shelves and containers from the refrigerator and turn it off. Study the instructions to see if you need to defrost the fridge. Throw away the expired food.
  2. Thoroughly wash all shelves, containers, and the refrigerator, turn it on and place the products back.
  3. Wash the stove, oven, microwave using special tools and detergents.
  4. Wash the windows and sills, wash the doors.
  5. Wipe all the cabinets above. Cover the top of the lockers with paper so that later you do not have so thoroughly wash the grease and dirt there. You will only need to change the paper.
  6. Inspect the contents of the lockers.
  7. Check all bulk products if there are any moles. Always keep them in tightly closed glass jars with a clove of garlic inside.
  8. Wipe the cabinets inside with a solution of vinegar or citric acid, dry and then put everything back.
  9. Wash all dishes in the dishwasher or, if not possible, by hand. Take away all unused dishes, do not clutter the kitchen.
  10. Wash all lamps and lampshades, wipe the bulbs.
  11. Wash the kitchen towels and change sponges for the fresh ones.
  12. Wash the tiles, countertops, exterior surfaces of cabinets; use homemade or store-bought means for the kitchen.
  13. Wash the floors; do not forget about the baseboards.
Divide monthly cleaning into several steps and days. You'll spend an hour a day, which then will save you time in the daily routine.

And now, the main thing: If you do every day the things that described under daily affairs, then you will spend a minimum of time and effort for monthly cleaning.

How to maintain an order in the kitchen – the rules of “Eight”

In most kitchens, there is no order because nobody thinks about its organization. However, there are plenty of opportunities to implement make your kitchen neat and tidy without much fuss.

Tip: grocery mole

Grocery moles often hide in packages with cereals and flour, and it is very difficult to get rid of. Pour the flour, cereals, and similar products in sealed glass containers. And when you come from the market, put your purchases in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. You will kill the moles if there any.

Exercise ‘Fresh Look’

Do you want your kitchen be the place where you have fun while cooking, eating or just looking out the window? Then sit down and imagine that you’ve never been here before and do not know anything about the people living here.

What does the state of this room tell you? Write down your impressions. You might want to note two things: the problem areas and creative ideas for the future.

For example, I once noticed that the window in my kitchen is very deep and it allows me to put the box for growing herbs there. I really liked the idea of having a permanent opportunity to add fresh herbs in food. What comes to your mind? Spend eight minutes and write down your ideas. After this exercise, you will think more in detail when cleaning this wonderful (but not frightening) room.

Speed cleaning: papers

Very often the feeling that the kitchen is cluttered arises because of the piles of papers on the table. How do I know this? I see it in most homes. You enter the kitchen and throw your mail on the table. Children come home from school and add their homework and drawings there. We are so busy that have no time to read the newspaper or magazine and set it aside for later. The pile is growing and growing.

And now, for eight minutes, you have to run around the kitchen with a trash bag in your hands and put all papers there. (To guard against identity theft, cut or tear into pieces all papers containing your telephone number or information on bank accounts.) Here are a few things that should leave your house forever:

  • brochures and coupons expired;
  • lookbooks (keep only the most recent);
  • newspaper that have spent more than one day on your kitchen;
  • magazines stored more than 1-2 months;
  • newsletters stored more than 1-2 months;
  • invitations to parties or events that have already taken place;
  • proposal for the opening of credit cards;
  • the receipt of payment except the most important ones.

Be sure to throw away the garbage after any cleaning. Thus, you will have no opportunity to change your mind and bring everything back. Moreover, you will feel how the room is now light. And most importantly, this habit will help you to trust your decisions; constant self-doubt stops you from moving forward.

6 Tasks for 8 minutes

In every kitchen, there are lots of items that can easily make a mess and just as easy to put in order. So, let's start organizing following a few simple steps that will bring great results.

Sort the old kitchen linen

Over time, the number of towels, potholders and aprons in the kitchen is usually growing. Spend eight minutes sorting this collection but do not forget that small cotton cloths can perfectly serve for cleaning. Get rid of shabby oven gloves and aprons covered with spots. However, the latter can be used to protect the kids who like finger painting.

After you have cut your collection of potholders, towels and things like that, take a few minutes to gently roll and fold into a stack those that you have decided to leave.

Get rid of the broken equipment

Most people plan to renovate the kitchen equipment that has been broken a long time ago. If you keep the broken device for a year or more, throw it right now.

If you store the appliances in the boxes, then you waste the space. Take these devices out of the packaging, and maybe you will discover that began to use them more often.

Wash your dishes somewhere on the fly

Most people when making food put dirty dishes, bowls and kitchen tools in the sink, thereby creating unnecessary work. Why not wash them all between this and then? Rinse the bowl immediately spending a few seconds instead of scrubbing away the stubborn food later. Wash your cutting board while waiting when the water boils. If you immediately wash something now you will save a minute or two later and as a result, you will have enough time to read, watch the news, check e-mail or go to bed early.

Worth buying: step stool

In order to quickly and safely get things from the upper shelves, buy a step stool. You can find inexpensive models that are easy to fold and placed between the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. People often waste the space filling it with unnecessary things, but it’s no less wasteful not to use a cabinet or shelf because you can not get to them.

Create a children's corner

Around the world, parents are constantly hearing from their kids, "I did!" For young children, it is very important to learn to do what they mother, father or elder sister do.

Why do not you release a certain area on a low shelf and put plates, bowls and cups of your child at the appropriate height there? You will spend just eight minutes that can help in the formation of your kid’s self-esteem. Once your children can take their plates, they may be tempted to fill them with food that they choose.

Put it in a jar

Do you store some kitchen accessories such as blades or wooden spoon in boxes, and you always have to get them out of there? Put them in a pretty jar and store it on the stove or the kitchen table. You will save time because you do not have to open and close the drawers every day. I bet that in your kitchen cupboard, there is a jar, which is perfect for this purpose.

Stay cool

Does your cooler bag take place in the locker? Put it in the trunk of your car. You will be able to put perishable goods to keep them in the right condition by the time you get home. If you do not have a cooler bag, then buy a cheap model the next time you go to the store.


So, now you know how to clean your kitchen and keep it in order. The main rule is to do everything in time and arrange work efficiently and productively.

Author: Anna Wallace