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Tasty Detergent for Your Microwave



Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine how we have done without such a helpful kitchen appliance as microwave half a century ago. However, everyone will agree that cleaning this technological wonder is not a pleasant activity. This article tells you how to wash the microwave without any fuss.

When cleaning the microwave, remember that on its inner surface, there is a special coating that reflects microwaves.

Therefore, you shouldn’t clean it using powders containing abrasive particles. Such cleaning agents will scratch the surface and just ruin the appliance.

Even ordinary baking soda, which is generally considered a completely harmless powder, can damage the delicate coating.

General Tips

  1. To wash the appliance, use a soft cloth and sponge.
  2. To use the microwave as long as possible, you need to prevent water and even moisture getting onto the external and internal surfaces as it can hit the electrical or electronic components and damage your microwave.
  3. The foods that can be sprayed when heating or cooking should be covered. You can buy a special cover for the microwave, as it is much easier to wash the cover than the device itself. Moreover, it prevents products from drying.
  4. To prevent an explosion, you should pierce some products (this applies to the products with skins).

There is a whole list of special liquids, which are designed to help you and can easily get rid of stubborn dirt and grease from any kitchen surface. With their help, you will easily wash the microwave as well as other kitchen utensils. The process is simple – open, apply, wait for a while and easily wash away the dirt.

However, often detergents have a pretty strong peculiar smell and cause allergic reactions. To avoid this, you can wash the appliance using homemade detergents.

How to Clean the Microwave from Grease


With lemon

A lemon is an excellent means to clean your microwave.

  1. Take a lemon, peel it and eat.
  2. Put the zest into the container that is geared for microwave ovens, add a little water, switch the appliance on and program for 5 minutes at full power.
  3. When heated, the water is steaming and the lemon peel release essential oils. These substances soften the grease and dried-on food particles.
  4. After this procedure, you will not have to put effort. Damp a sponge or cloth, wipe the surfaces and your appliance will be like new again!

By the way, this method is also good as it destroys odors in the microwave. You can use orange and tangerine peel instead.

You can also take half a lemon, pour some water into a container, put your lemon there, and put it into the microwave having switched it on for 5 minutes at the maximum power.

And then gently rub the surfaces with a damp sponge.

With vinegar

To clean the inner surface of the appliance using this method, you will need vinegar. Take a small pot (bowl, cup, etc.) suitable for microwave oven, fill it with water and pour 2 tbsp of vinegar.

Then proceed as in the previous method. Five minutes later take the pot with vinegar, wipe the surface with a soft cloth, and then dry with a paper towel.

You can change the vinegar for lemon juice or citric acid, which is sold any grocery store.

With soda

There is another way to clean the appliance without household chemicals. You will need about 400 ml of water, a tbsp of baking soda and a couple of tbsp of vinegar. Heat the water to boiling, add soda, pour the vinegar and put the resulting agent in your kitchen appliance. Close and do errands. After 30 minutes, open the oven and easily wash off even the stubborn dirt.

In addition to cleaning the interior surfaces, do not forget to wash an outer one.

First, switch off it off from the power outlet not receive an electric shock. You should care for all surfaces. Check that there is no dirt on the back panel as it can cause overheating and damage. To wash the glass in the door, take usual means, which you use when washing the windows. In addition, do not forget to wash the glass tray. It can be washed like normal dishes. Before cleaning the inner surface, do not forget to remove coarse dirt from the walls. These can be breadcrumbs and other leftovers.

Remember that only proper use and well-timed cleaning will let your microwave oven work for a long time.

Author: Anna Wallace