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No Hair, No Discomfort – Only Fun, Only Joy! Get Rid of Pet Hair Properly

Photo: © Iriana Shiyan -

Photo: © Iriana Shiyan -


  1. General Tips
  2. How to remove Hair from Various Surfaces
  3. How to Reduce the Amount of Pet Hair at Home

If you have a pet at home, then the problem of hair is inevitable. All pets shed, and especially a lot of hair falls out during coat shedding in spring and autumn. In addition, long-haired cats and fluffy breeds of dogs leave their hair in your apartment the year round. So, how can you get rid of your pets’ hair?

General Tips

There are no specific secrets.

  1. Do regular wet cleaning. You should get used to it; otherwise the whole house will be filled with cats or dogs’ hair scoring in every corner.
  2. In addition, the particles of fallen wool fill the air you breathe. This can cause allergy and asthma, as well as any dust in the house. And if your pet sheds because of fungus there is a risk to be infected with mycosis.
  3. Daily wet cleaning is also necessary because tiny hairs, at first sight unseen, are flying away through the apartment and can get into your food.
  4. When doing wet cleaning, do not leave unattended hiding places under the furniture and in corners. Otherwise, over time they will become the storage for hair.
  5. Do not forget to clean the radiators. They draw the wool like a magnet.
  6. To collect pet hair, use robot vacuum cleaner. It easily goes through all corners and under the furniture, and thanks to the thick bristles on the brush, it will not leave any hairs on the carpet.
  7. If your time animal has chosen a specific location on the carpet or floor, then put a mat there. This will allow easy cleaning of hair.
ADVICE! So, remember that you only need to follow three simple rules:
  • regular cleaning of the apartment,
  • permanent care of the pet,
  • proper feeding.

So, let us see every step, one by one.

How to remove Hair from Various Surfaces

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Pet hair from the carpet can be easily removed by a usual vacuum cleaner. However, a special turbo brush with a roller brush inside will be much more effective. The roller picks up the hair that could not be sucked with a vacuum cleaner.

NOTE! You should always vacuum top-down: from the shelves, window sills, cabinets, furniture, and then to the floor.

Animal hair is static and therefore it is drawn to all electrical appliances, wires, synthetic materials. To get rid of the static, use a humidifier: usual spray for flowers, for instance. You can add fabric softener. Before vacuuming, spray the solution in the room. If your vacuum cleaner is not designed for wet cleaning, then wipe the treated surfaces with a damp cloth. Then the hair will not scatter around the room and you can easily collect them. In addition, there are special vacuum cleaners designed to remove pet hair.

You can wash the carpet from pet fur by sprinkling a little baking soda before. Soda will make hair softer and you will easily remove them.


You can get rid of fur from the upholstery with a special roller with an adhesive coating or a duct tape. However, the first option it is not very effective, and the second is time-consuming. Still, there are sticky rollers for cleaning upholstery – they are very convenient.

Nowadays, in stores, there is a great variety of sponges and cloths that will easily help you to remove the fur. Just do not forget to moisten them. Then vacuum the furniture to collect the remnants of fur. Do not forget to clean the corners.

ADVICE! Another way is to use rubber that has high static properties. This helps to get rid of hair. You can buy a special rubber roller, use rubber gloves or an inflated rubber ball.


  1. You can remove pet fur from clothes with a damp hand. In addition, use special clothes brushes and sticky rollers. By the way, to prevent hair sticking to your clothes use antistatic.
  2. Use water and tape. Wet your hands and clean the surface of the clothes. Then use strips of adhesive tape. Just attach it to your clothes and tear off. Thus, you will remove not only hair but also dust and any small particles.

How to Reduce the Amount of Pet Hair at Home

Proper care

You will need special combs for time animals and comb the hair out every day when an animal is shedding. Doing this, you will not only get rid of excess fur on the furniture and carpets but also give proper care to your pet. Moreover, cats and dogs like combing. Then run your damp hand over the pet to clean the remnants of wool.


No wool – no problem. It is the best way to get rid of excess hair. You can groom your cat or dog by your own. However, it is better to consult an expert who will make your pet handsome. Before you cut the animal’s hair, make sure the reason for its shedding is not a disease. If you cut its hair before a visit to the vet, then it would be difficult to identify the cause of shedding.

Proper feeding

Nutrition plays an important role for an animal, especially when it’s shedding. They often lose their hair because of lack of such fatty acids as omega 3 and 6. You should add vitamins to your pets’ diet. If possible, consult a veterinarian, what vitamin complexes are better.

There is another extreme way of getting rid of cat or dog hair – you can vacuum them. Some cat like it very much. Moreover, there are special vacuum cleaner brushes for grooming.

Now, you know everything about pet hair cleaning methods and can make your home clean again.

Author: Anna Wallace