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Proper Сare of the Leather Car Interior is a Guarantee of its Beauty and Long Service

Hand cleaning car seat. Photo: © Kurhan -

Hand cleaning car seat. Photo: © Kurhan -


  1. General Tips
  2. Step by step guide

Modern cars’ interior is made of different materials. They are artificial or natural leather, suede or vinyl. Every material requires special care while you clean the car. Thus, the article will tell you about cleaning leather car interior.

General Tips

Some car owners mistakenly believe that an auto with leather interior needs less care. However, as the practice shows it is not the case. Of course, this kind of upholstery is protected better from accidental stains. However, there is a negative effect of natural phenomena, such as frost, humidity, or sunshine. That's why experts recommend paying special attention to leather interior. Temperature drops have a negative impact on the leather surface. Moreover, it does not matter whether you keep your vehicle – in a garage or under the scorching sun. Definitely, it needs care. The older the car, the more effort should be made. The color doesn’t matter, as well.

You can clean your auto with both household products and special means. For example, soap solution is especially suitable for the seats with perforated leather.

Soap solution better removes stains, including strong ones. Auto chemical goods often can’t cope with such stains. However, after using the soap, you should thoroughly wash the surface and use a conditioner to prevent the leather from hardening. However, it’s better not to apply the soap solution right on the seats – first put in on the sponge.

ATTENTION! Before using any chemical cleaning goods for your leather car interior, you should test it!

Apply a little detergent on a small and hidden part of the upholstery and see the effect. If everything is fine, you can use it to clean the interior with auto chemicals.

To clean leather car seats, you will need a sponge, soft toothbrush, soft cotton cloth, clean water, soap, cleanser, conditioner, vacuum cleaner (desirable) and cotton swabs.

Step by step guide

The first step is to clean the leather steering wheel

Cleaning starts with the dirtiest part – the rim. It should be washed with detergent. Do not use the agents with polishing effect as polished wheel can slip out of your hands.

After you have finished with the rim, go to the middle part of the steering wheel, there is often a lot of dirt especially in the center, where there is a logo. It is better to wash the center of the steering wheel with a cotton swab.

The second step is to clean the dashboard

Here, you need a detergent and a brush (for clothes or teeth). You should often pay attention the dashboard as the road dust eats into the lining if you don’t clean it regularly. The leather on the dashboard is usually perforated, so it is better to use a brush.

The third step is to clean leather seats

It is better to start cleaning your seats with a vacuum cleaner. To avoid damage and prevent car seat repairing, it is better to vacuum with a plastic header. Then you can clean the seat with auto chemicals or a soap solution and a conditioner.

1. First remove dust and sand, do everything thoroughly. Without this procedure, it is impossible to achieve a perfect result. You should clean with a sponge or soft flannel cloth.

It is not necessary to wash, and then dry the upholstery all at once – the best way to clean is to run section by section.

Wash and mop the headrest dry with a clean towel. Then wash and wipe the right side of the seat. After it – the back side, etc. The idea is the following: the detergent must not soak up; you should quickly wash away oil stains, grease from the fries and other contaminants so that the leather could absorb the conditioner. Having finished the cleaning, wipe the lining again with a clean and new towel. Before you apply a special interior cleaner, you should degrease the lining.

2. When cleaning the leather is degreased and, as a result, can crack and quickly grow old. So do not forget that at the end of the treatment you will need to apply nutritious and protective creams. Given the fact that the front seats are exploited more, we recommendputting the cream twice with a break in thirty minutes. Moreover, do not forget that the older the leather, the more carefully you should choose treatment products. You will need creams saturated with oils. Ensure that the cream is fully absorbed. Otherwise, the hardened oiling will prevent stretching of the skin, and, as a result, its service life will be considerably shortened.

Avoid excessive lubrication, because too much oiling is a way to stains, as well.

Sometimes, car leather is covered with a special PVC protective film. You can test it with a drop of water. If the lining is natural, the liquid is rapidly absorbed. If the water remains on the surface it means that the interior is protected by a film, and you need vinyl treatment products.

Remember an important thing: when you decide what to use to clean leather seats do not buy cheap auto chemicals. There is a close relationship between the quality of the cleansers and their price and brand. The better materials you will get to cure the interior, the cleaner it will be and the longer it will retain its original appearance.

3. Cure the lining with a conditioner. This process is similar to applying sunscreen. Thoroughly oil the surfaces with a conditioner. You can use an ordinary kitchen sponge. Lay the conditioner and starts to rub it. Most likely, you will need a lot of quantity of an agent, so do not waste it leaving untouched areas. The better you rub the conditioner in, the longer it will protect the car lining.

4. Leave your auto in the shade or put it in the garage for a night. Let the conditioner spend some time away from the sun's rays so that ultraviolet light did not stop the absorption process. The next day, before driving, carefully cure the seats with a soft cloth for the last time.

Thus, cleaning of the leather interior is complete.

Author: Anna Wallace