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Have Moles Crashed In? Learn the Effective Methods to Get Rid of Them

Photo © juefraphoto -

Photo © juefraphoto -

Moles are peculiar only to high-quality and fertile land. So, if you have moles you can be glad for a good land. However, this is an only reason for joy. These animals can cause serious damage to crops in the garden, flower beds and the whole landscape around the cottage area. This little creature will quickly destroy the lawn, make burrows and make you nervous.

What Should You Know About Moles

So, what do you need to know about moles before you start to get rid of them?

  1. Moles are more likely to live in families, and even in tens. Therefore, if you notice a mole there is its family somewhere near, perhaps in the neighboring area or even a few meters from the first hole seen. Now, the task is more difficult – you have to destroy not a single mole, but the whole family, which size is unknown.
  2. You should know that moles sleep in the winter, like hedgehogs. They dig burrows deeper than tunnels and arrange a small and warm pad. You can find it due to the large number of excavated earth. You should search pads on the hills where the snow melts off quickly and that are first warmed in the spring sunshine.
  3. Mole tunnels can be a whole line, mines and even rooms underground. They take hundreds and hundreds of meters around the site and are located at a depth of 5-20 cm, namely in the fertile layer. Moles are not interested in the vegetation; however, they damage the root system of the plants. In addition, all larvae, worms and beetles in this layer will be destroyed.
  4. Pests are careful, reasonable, and easily adapt to the area. So, they easily evade danger, especially if you are constantly using the same measures to eliminate them from the site. Moles have serious problems with eyesight, but their sense of hearing and smell are developed very well.
  5. Moles eat a lot; the need for food is very high. Moreover, given the fact that animals come by families and make burrows very quickly in a week, you can get serious damage. Therefore, we recommend that you immediately begin to study and apply methods of moles control as soon as you see the first pest.

Moles Prevention

The easiest way to get rid of moles is to prevent their occurrence. Moles prevention is rather an expensive process, but you’d better know it. Thus, the best tool is a special fence, which does not allow animals to enter your site.

ADVICE! The fence can be made of slate, roof felt in several layers or galvanized fabric. These materials are dug in across the area to a depth of 50-60 cm and with 15-20 cm above the ground.

Thus, moles will not be able to dig tunnels into your territory.

How to Get Rid of Moles

Moles hazing

Mole hazing is rather an effective and humane measure of getting rid of moles. Dig a special device into the ground. The device creates vibration unpleasant for pests. It is recommended to use several devices at the site.

Sometimes, people save on the mole repeller and then see new holes at a distance at a distance of about 50 meters from the device.

NOTE! A single repeller can’t cover too big territory. Moreover, a lot depends on the type of soil. A single repeller can protect for sure only a flower bed, for instance.

There is another way to get rid of pests (as some people believe) – you can use odorous substances such as rotten herring, rotting food debris and other means with an unpleasant aroma. However, are you sure that you want to make a dump of your cottage territory? Moreover, the moles will just bypass the place where you dumped these substances, depart for a few meters and will make new burrows.

As you can see, these methods cannot be called very effective, so let’s consider other options.

Catchers for moles

There are different models of a catcher. These are cheap and small traps in the form of pipes and two covers on the sides. However, these catchers are not very effective as moles usually bypass them as any a foreign object on its territory. Moreover, it is believed that the pest will not go to such catcher as tunnels and burrows consist of rough earthen walls. And in a pipe-like trap, the walls are smooth what is unusual for the moles. Still, there are other traps, which are designed precisely for moles as they have the diameter of the hole size, rough surface inside, and special valves that do not to release the animal caught in a trap. They are more efficient, but also more expensive.

Moles Traps

It’s not the most humane way but one of the most effective if you buy the right trap. The trap is set in the burrow and lightly powdered with soil. The mole passing by touches the valve or spring, the trap is triggered, and that is all. However, the things are not so perfect. The problem is that the trap may not work or may work only on the crumbling earth. At the same time, the moles are clever enough not to go to certain death. They simply bypass the trap by a new tunnel or make new burrows.

Cats and dogs to catch moles

It’s an interesting solution, but only if your pets are interested in hunting and you have not disinfested the pests. Almost every dog likes to dig in the earth and every cat is interested in hunting if it is not lazy. In fact, there are many services where dogs and cats successfully help to get rid of pests. The only question is how to make a dog or cat to be interested to attack a mole. It is not so difficult – just watch the pests, find its burrow and bring your pet there. The first victim would be a good motivation for further hunting.

Pest control service

Rats and mice can be disinfested with a special service. And what about moles? Well, there's a question of quality of the service, as well as of a system of underground tunnels made by pests. If everything is done correctly, you will get rid of the problems forever, if not, moles can just get away for a while and when it is safe in the holes they will return.

NOTE! Any of the above methods does not give a 100% guarantee that you will get rid of moles; therefore a comprehensive approach is the best.

If you decide to get rid of moles use the most appropriate and safest way in your opinion. If there are no pests on site, but you heard about them from the neighbors then spend some money once and enclose the site with a fence.

Author: Anna Wallace