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Best Recipes of Natural Homemade Shampoos

Phohto: © denira -

Phohto: © denira -


  1. How to Clean a Carpet
  2. Homemade Methods
  3. How to Get Rid of Stains

If you decide to put a carpet on the floor be ready to the stains that will appear. It doesn’t matter how you care for it – spots and dirt are inevitable. Moreover, if you do not remove them immediately you will get ingrained dirt that is difficult to get rid of. We will tell you how to clean the covering properly, especially at home. In fact, it’s not difficult. The key is to know how to do it.

How to Clean a Carpet

There are four main ways.

  1. Vacuum cleaning with a special header. Sometimes, it may be enough to follow this way, without using special shampoos for carpets and other detergents.
  2. Cleaning with dry absorbent. It’s a method without water, so it is sometimes called ‘a dry cleaning’.
  3. Steam cleaning. This is a favored method with the professionals. Dissolve the detergent in the water; apply the solution onto the carpet in the form of hot steam, and then vacuumed. Thus, the dirt particles mixed with the steam are sucked out from the bottom of the carpet. However, you should be careful to avoid excessive wetting.
  4. Dry foam cleaning. First, you should vacuum the carpet, and then apply a detergent as foam on the surface of the carpet. Then the carpet is vacuum cleaned again, the mechanism is about the same as with a steam cleaning. It is better to vacuum the covering immediately after applying the foam to avoid excessive wetting.

When choosing the best method, you should remember that a lot depends on the type of the carpet you are going to clean. The detergent used and the method chosen should comply with the material your covering is made of.

Homemade Methods

Laundry detergent

This way may come to your mind first when you think how to clean the covering of your floor. Washing powder is one of the best cleansers for wool carpets or those made of synthetic fabric.

Dissolve the powder in warm water and add a little kerosene. Stir the composition and begin to clean. While rubbing the dirty areas with a soft sponge soaked in the solution, you will see how quickly the old dirt disappears.

ATTENTION! Remember that kerosene has a distinctive smell. To get rid of it, you need a three-day ventilation of the room.This means that in winter, this method will not work because you just overchill the apartment.


One of the homemade means is tea. Use brewed tea, or rather its remnants. You should take a fresh brew; otherwise a white or light carpet can get additional stains.

Scatter the tea leaves that should be still wet, on the stains. When the brew is dry, use a vacuum cleaner to collect it from the surface. Tea helps to get rid of dust, wax, nail polish, wool, clay and other contaminants. And it is not worse than household chemicals.  It is better not to apply this method with light carpets, at all.


Spread the salt over the dirty area and after ten minutes, sweep it up with a broom soaked in soapy water. The broom will collect salt out of the pile, and the remnants of dirt will go away, as well. Make sure that the surface of the carpet is thoroughly dried after that, otherwise you can get mold. Some housewives recommend using baking soda instead of salt.


This method is similar to the previous one; however, it is slightly different.

  1. Take a part of gasoline and dilute it in ten parts of a concentrated soap solution.
  2. Soak the sawdust into this mixture and spread them over the contaminated surface so that the stains were covered in a smooth layer.
  3. When the sawdust dries, you can remove them with an ordinary broom.

Generally, when working choosing the method, use only a broom as absorption of sawdust or salt can be fatal to a vacuum cleaner. Gasoline sawdust is mostly effective when you need to get rid of the urine from natural or silk surfaces.

Alcohol composition

To clean the carpet surface this way, do the following:

  1. Take a teaspoon of liquid ammonia, two tablespoons of washing powder and five liters of water.
  2. Mix well and soak a little cloth.
  3. Then wipe the dirty stains with the cloth, without any extra effort. The fact is that if you rub with effort, you can tear out the carpet pile what will look even worse than the spot.

Cleaning with snow

It is rather a refreshing than cleansing method since there are no active cleaning agents in snow. It can remove the dust out, but is completely useless for string stains.

The snow should be clean and dry. It is better yet, if there is frost. If the snow is wet it can melt on the carpet, dissolve the dirt that will be absorbed to the carpet. As a result, it will get only worse.

Photo: © kostrez -

How to Get Rid of Stains

The above ways are universal, i.e. work with most stains. However, there are stains that need special treat.

Tea and coffee

These tasty drinks leave nasty marks on the floor covering. However, you can get rid of them with some effort, as well. To do this, dilute a tablespoon of glycerin in a liter of water, and then scrub the dirty areas with a cloth soaked in the solution.

Cologne, toilet water, perfume

This type of stains is more difficult to remove, though there are ways.

  1. Dilute a little washing powder in water, damp a cloth in the solution and rub the spot.
  2. After the washing, let the solution dry, and then remove it from the surface with plenty of water.
  3. Then you need to do everything possible to make the pile dry without any wet. Otherwise, you will get mold and unpleasant odors. When the carpet is dry, the spots will disappear.

Grease stains

Grease stains is the worst thing that can happen to your carpet. If you want to remove them, use a mixture of gasoline and starch, which must have a mushy state. The mixture is rubbed into the contaminated area with a little effort. You should do it as soon as possible after the stains appear. The remains of dried mixture are removed with a vacuum cleaner.

If you can’t get rid of the stains at home with one of the following ways, you should go to the dry-cleaner’s. If there is bright of wool or silk then go the dry-cleaner’s immediately.

And finally, there are a few tips that will help you to extend the life of your carpet.

  1. Carpets do not like hot water.
  2. Too hard brushes can damage the pile.
  3. You should avoid cleansing ‘against the grain’.
  4. Do not use wet cleaning more than once in three months.
  5. Get rid of the stains immediately, you can do it even with cold water, when the old stains are very difficult to remove even with special detergents.

Let your home be cozy with beautiful carpets!

Author: Anna Wallace